From the recording SuperWoke

Album Artwork by Joey Souza/Taylor Bates
Recorded by Morgan Hoehne
Mixed and Mastered by Blake Howard
Silent Pendulum Records 2019


Midas wants to touch your soul,
Turn your body into gold,
Repeat the process until every piece is sold.
Throw your pearls in the pig’s snout,
But the truth will come spilling out.
With a double barrel to his temple,
Pull the trigger, watch him disassemble.
Hide her bones in the backyard,
Send her photo on a postcard.
Sell your soul on the black market ‘til your time is spent,
Chewing the fat, spitting the bones.
I smell a rat, hiding inside your throat.
Worship the knave, beat the dead horse,
Draining our souls, binging remorse.
Our river of blood will run its course.
I won’t let this be the death of my honesty.
Bury all your empty bodies in me.
Break my teeth to provoke the beast hiding.
I don’t think we know what we are doing,
But the human race is definitely losing control of the situation.
The Emperors of the deep, preying on the dreams of the sleeping sheep.
Train yourselves by repetition,
Heads bowed in complacent submission,
Grazing on only what we’re given,
A meal for wolves of our own volition.
Prophet warned us, we don’t listen,
Hurling towards inhuman conditions.
I want some peace and quiet, but I also want your conversation.
The spiders in my mind,
Sew a noose around my neck.
Look closer and you’ll find,
No monsters under my bed.
I want to go back in time,
Take back the words that I never said,
Save the me that I used to be,
From the fear inside my head.
(From the wounds that I have bled)
I want you to suffer.
I want you to suffer with me.