1. Space Bank

From the recording SuperWoke

Album Artwork by Joey Souza/Taylor Bates
Recorded by Morgan Hoehne
Mixed and Mastered by Blake Howard
Silent Pendulum Records 2019


Summon the fury of a stampede.
My eyes are set to kill the first man they meet.
I’ll follow the trail of anything that bleeds.
Everyone is talking too loud,
But not one mouth is making a sound worth listening to,
In the toxic cloud of this conceited crowd.
There's blood in the water I'm drinking,
And sharks inhabit the entire shore.
Parasites swarm the severed snakehead,
Consume the apple and the rotten core.
There's no logic in the words I'm speaking,
But I just don’t care anymore.
Why can't you see that I'm exhausted?
Maybe I'll find sleep in a morgue.
I’ve been thinking that I think I think too much,
But I can’t hear myself thinking that I think I think too much.
Am I falling apart or everything falling in place?
There's venom in the food I eat,
Chemicals pouring in my sink.
Is my mind coming undone a byproduct of my selfish ambition?
We ring around the rosy, but what the hell is posy?
Ashes to ashes, we all fall down.
Are we falling apart or are we falling in place?
Our minds are coming undone, a byproduct of our selfish ambition.
I'm not okay, no nothing feels quite right today.
With a soul as free as a bird, my mind is captivated by the grave.
I'd set myself on fire if I could burn away all my mistakes.
I’m not okay today, maybe I'll find peace in the malevolent gray.
Wake me up from my grave.
I refuse to die a slave.
Cut me out of my brain.
I refuse to believe we’re not all insane.