From the recording SuperWoke

Album Artwork by Joey Souza/Taylor Bates
Recorded by Morgan Hoehne
Mixed and Mastered by Blake Howard
Silent Pendulum Records 2019


Marred by crows and vulture claws,
Born in the land of degenerates and outlaws.
I yearn to outgrow my human jaws,
But I doubt my sanity more than I doubt yours and you doubt if we exist so -
Show me strobing holographic neon signs.
Sustain the public with gasoline, but sing me something new.
Evacuate the colony before my harbinger melts down.
Relapsing as our immoral nuclear hellion is crowned.
Don’t let me die alone.
Recycled stillborn clones.
(Watch as we decompose beyond the boundaries of human souls)
I am super woke.