1. Dance Cops

From the recording SuperWoke

Album Artwork by Joey Souza/Taylor Bates
Recorded by Morgan Hoehne
Mixed and Mastered by Blake Howard
Silent Pendulum Records 2019


Frantic pandemonium,
Excessive use of force, dropping verbal plutonium.
Spastic terror symposium.
Profit from the poor, control them from the podium.
Hands up, light the sirens.
Raise your voices, kill the silence.
Stand tall, or not at all.
A castle wall will never fall, but our unity is a cannonball.
Cock it like a loaded gun.
Spitting like a cobra’s tongue.
I can’t think straight in this noise pollution.
Party like a Catholic nun.
You can hide but you’ve got nowhere to run away.
Fan the flames of the insane.
The fire hurts but,
Hell hath no fury like a millennial scorned.
Do you feel no empathy?
Prophet save your breath,
Your Gossip tastes like meth.
Prophet, speak the truth and nothing but the truth.
Gossip, cut my ears just to shut you up.
I question if I am turning insane.
Cock it like a loaded gun.
This all makes sense In the back of my brain.
Spitting like a cobras tongue.
Watch me suffer and I’ll watch you decay.
Keep your bullets to yourself.